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Event carpet rental

Rent a carpet

Renting a carpet is a very good idea if you are looking for a carpet for one-time use only. Especially for exhibitions and events, renting a carpet seems like the perfect solution. However, at GJ Floors’ competitive sales prices, renting a carpet for your exhibition or red carpet event – including delivery and cleaning – would cost more than actually purchasing it. That’s why at GJ floors you pay one amount - for purchasing and renting a carpet. And for no more than what our competitors ask. Moreover, at GJ Floors you get to keep the rented carpet after your party is over and so you will save money next time around.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our variety of exhibition carpets and find the carpet you are looking for!

Rent a carpet with added value

Renting a carpet at GJ Floors costs just as much as buying it. Does that mean you will have to spend more? Absolutely not. GJ Floors’ prices are extremely competitive, which means you might as well buy the carpet rather than rent it. This will be confirmed if you check what our competitors charge. So, GJ Floors offers you extra benefits: a competitive sales price PLUS a carpet you can re-use. You’ve got to admit: that’s a huge advantage!

Renting a carpet = buying a carpet

It might sound a bit strange, but at GJ Floors renting a carpet actually means buying a carpet. That is how we stand out from rental companies, while still offering the same service. After all, just like other rental companies, we too can install and remove your carpet on location for you. If you would like to make use of this service and are interested in the options available, please call us at +31(0) 38 337 53 32 or fill out our contact form to enquire about our conditions. Or, if you are interested in placing a request for proposal or any other query, this is the way to go!